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Latest news

Latest news, media releases, papers and other publications from Social Work England.

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Latest news from Social Work England

Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adults


Lyn Romeo on regulating the social work profession

Lyn explains her involvement with Social Work England, including her position as part of the professional expert group.

Jonathan Dillon, Executive Director of fitness to practise


Blog, Consultation

The first steps to building an efficient and proportionate fitness to practise process

Our executive director of fitness to practise on the collaboration and development of our rules and standards.

Person drawing



Our identity

We welcome Hemingway Design to help develop our new identity with a sector focused approach.

Aidan Worsley, Professor of Social Work at The University of Central Lancashire


Guest blog

Aidan Worsley on education and training

This guest blog is from Aidan Worsley, on secondment with the Social Work England implementation team. Aidan is developing policy options around education and training. Here he explains what motivated him to get involved.




The chair's update

An update from our chair, Lord Patel

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