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World Social Work Day 2022

World Social Work Day is an important moment in the year for us to celebrate and reflect on the incredible work that social workers do.

World Social Work Day 2022

3/15/2022 10:00:00 AM

Today, 15 March 2022, is World Social Work Day. The theme for the day is ‘co-building a new eco-social world: leaving no one behind.’

World Social Work Day is an important moment in the year for us to reflect on the incredible work that social workers do, and the value they bring to their communities. It is a day to celebrate and thank social workers for their commitment to improving peoples’ lives.

Social Work Week 2022

We mark World Social Work Day with Social Work Week, a programme of events we are co-producing with the sector. Social Work Week encourages everyone to reflect on the significant events, challenges, and successes of the profession in 2021. It will bring people together to learn, connect, and engage around social work.

This year, organisations and individuals from across the sector are also running their own independent events and activities as part of Social Work Week.

How do social workers create a better world?

To celebrate World Social Work Day 2022, we asked social workers and people with lived experience of social work: how do social workers create a better world?

“Social workers help people reach their potential in whatever their life context may be. This help is based on the most valuable asset we have, the humanity of our relationships. Social workers create a better world because no matter what happens they will uphold and protect this most valuable asset and use their skills, knowledge and talent to ensure – as the theme of World Social Work day says – no one gets left behind.”

Colum Conway, Chief Executive, Social Work England

“By helping each individual that they come across in their professional life to be the best they can be, by bringing out their strengths and where necessary provide appropriate support to do that.”

Lord Patel of Bradford OBE, Chair, Social Work England

“Social workers empower individuals by adapting their approach, so that the individual can be independent and live a meaningful life.”

Yasmeen Abdul-Rahim, member of the National Advisory Forum and expert by experience

“In the dark times we have all been through and continue to witness every day, social work has never felt more relevant or important. The impact social workers have on people’s lives is profound, long lasting and often life changing. Social workers highlight injustice, fight for those they work with, and show the importance of valuing all people.”

Sarah Blackmore, Executive Director – Strategy, Policy and Engagement, Social Work England

“Be actively anti-racist and call out racism of all kinds.”

Nimal Jude, Head of Practice Development, What Works for Children’s Social Care

“Social workers create a better world through compassion, understanding the complex reasons that people behave as they do, and supporting people to feel more capable and better equipped to cope with life. Even when they have to make difficult decisions, acting with respect and compassion can make such a difference to people’s ability to process these events.”

Julie, Case Examiner, Social Work England

“I am available to people during periods in their lives when they are experiencing the most difficult of times. To be respectful and honest, to value the lived experience that is being shared with me, and to influence change. Working for Social Work England provides me with the opportunity to be part of an organisation raising the positive profile of social work, and to increase confidence that the highest standards of practice are being promoted.”

Nicholas, Triage Case Officer, Social Work England

“Social workers have great responsibilities to their local and indeed global communities. They impact society with their far-reaching duty of care to citizens.”

Most Reverend Dr. Bishop Audie F. Cummings, BeSpoke London Metropolitan University experts by experience group

“Social workers create a better world by being by people's sides, holding hope and helping people to lead the lives they want.”

Doreen, Mental Health Social Worker

“Social workers empower those we work with. We bring together all those important to help achieve better outcomes.”

Alistair, Adults Social Worker

“As the circle of life continues, social workers strive to enable positive changes in individuals lives, together.”

Jackie, Practice Education Development Lead

“Social workers create a better world by making things a bit less bad than how we find them, by being pragmatic, kind and realistic. I am not there to heal the world; I am not there to change your life. You are there to do that, should you want to. I am there to make small changes with you so that, maybe, tomorrow is slightly better because of us working together.”

Becky, Case Examiner, Social Work England

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