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Reflecting on Social Work Week 2022 for CPD

Whether you attended a live session, or will be watching a recording, you can record your learning from Social Work Week as CPD.

Reflecting on Social Work Week 2022 for CPD

3/29/2022 3:00:26 PM

Social Work Week 2022 provided an opportunity for social workers and those with an interest in social work to learn, connect, and engage. This included our main programme of events, as well as a programme of independent events and activities created by organisations and individuals across the social work sector. Building on the success of our first Social Work Week, Social Work Week 2022 encouraged everyone to reflect on the significant events, challenges, and successes of the profession in the last year.

Watch recordings on YouTube

Even if you did not book onto or attend a live session, you can watch a session in your own time and record it as CPD.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch recordings of informative sessions, exploring topics such as anti-racist practice, co-production, professional curiosity, and more. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to receive updates when we publish new videos.

Social Work Week and CPD

Social Work Week is a time for discourse, learning and reflection, which makes it an ideal opportunity for continuing professional development (CPD). We encourage you to get started on your CPD as soon as possible and not wait until annual registration renewal. This year, you must record:

  • A minimum of 2 pieces of CPD, including
  • At least one piece with a peer reflection.

Whether you joined us live, or have watched a session on YouTube, why not record your experiences of Social Work Week and reflect on what you have learned? Perhaps you have:

  • discovered a new approach you are going to implement in your own practice,
  • listened to the perspectives of those with lived experience of social work,
  • learned more about Social Work England and being a regulated professional, or
  • taken time to think about the challenges and successes of the last year.

Whatever you gained from Social Work Week, we encourage you to capture what you have learned and reflect on it further by recording CPD in your online account. Make sure you reflect on how your learning has, or will, have an impact on your practice and the people you work with.

Peer reflection

Peer reflection means that you have discussed the content of your CPD activity with a peer, your manager or another professional. To meet the peer reflection requirement, you could:

  • Speak to your manager or peer about what you learned during the week, and how you will implement it in your practice.
  • Reflect on a discussion you had with another participant during a Social Work Week event.
  • Arrange a group reflection with your colleagues or peers. You could choose a Social Work Week recording to watch in your own time, then come together to discuss it as a group and consolidate your learning. If you manage a social work team, this could be a simple and effective way to offer a CPD opportunity in the workplace.

Read further guidance on peer reflection.

View a list of professionals who counts as peers.

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