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Search the register

You can search for a registered social worker by their first name, last name, town of employment, registration number or any combination of those.

What is the register?

Social work is a regulated profession. This means that to be able to practise as a social worker in England, individuals must be registered with Social Work England. Once registered, all social workers are listed on our public register. The register is a statutory list of individual social workers who practise in England. It provides assurance that the people who practise as social workers in England have the right skills and qualifications and are capable of safe and effective practice.

Guide to the register

If you have any questions about the how to search the register or need help, please read our guide to the register.

What your results mean

Registered name
This is the name that the social worker has provided to us and is the name that will appear on our register

Registration number
Each social worker on our register has a unique number allocated to them

Registration status
Social workers on our register who are able to practise without restriction have a status of ‘registered’. A registration status of ‘registered, subject to conditions’ means that the social worker was added to our register with some conditions that they have to meet.

A registration status such as ‘registered, conditions of practice' means that there is a current fitness to practise outcome in relation to the social worker. You can find more information about how we deal with concerns about social workers. If a social worker has a status of ‘no longer registered’, their status will include the reason they are no longer registered.

Town of employment
If a social worker has an employment address, the register will display the postal town of the employment address. If this column is blank, this means that the social worker has not provided us with an employment address. We do not display the postal town of a social worker’s home address.

More details

Click 'more details' to find the following extra information:

If a social worker has a status that shows a fitness to practise outcome, the dates over which that outcome applies will be displayed here. You can read more about our fitness to practise process

Registered from
This is the date that the social worker joined the register. Most social workers will have a date of 1 August 2012. This is the date that the social worker joined the register of the Health and Care Professions Council (the organisation who registered social workers in England before us.) Any social worker who joins our register after qualifying will have the date that they first joined our register.

Registered until
This date will show the last day that the social worker is registered. Each registration period is 12 months and social workers are registered from 1 December until 30 November.

If a registered social worker is qualified as an Approved Mental Health Professional or Best Interests Assessor, this will be recorded here.