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Equality, diversity and inclusion

Find out more about our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in social work and regulation.

What we mean by 'equality, diversity and inclusion'

When we talk about equality, diversity and inclusion, it’s with an understanding that these are separate but interlinked issues, which may need different approaches.

Why equality, diversity and inclusion matters to us

We believe that the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are central to our work as an effective regulator and employer.

What we have done so far

We continue to develop our thinking and approach, but here are some of the things we've done which demonstrate our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our statement of intent

This statement sets out our 3 year ambition and monitoring process for ensuring that we operate in a way that reflects our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our ambition for 2020 to 2023

We will focus on the 4 thematic areas: workforce (including recruitment) data and benchmarking, communications and engagement, and training and development.

Steering group

Our equality, diversity and inclusion steering group ensures that we're an exemplary employer and regulator in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Blogs and announcements

Blogs and announcements on equality, diversity and inclusion, including the role of social work and regulation in tackling inequality.

Past consultations

View equality impact assessments for past consultations.

Gender pay gap report 2020

This is our first gender pay gap report and presents a snapshot of our organisation 4 months into our first year of operations, as at 31 March 2020.

Equality, diversity and inclusion action plan

This action plan evaluates our progress to date and sets out objectives that will accelerate our work on equality, diversity and inclusion ahead of our next corporate planning cycle beginning in 2023.

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