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Hearings and decisions

Upcoming hearings and decisions made by our adjudicators

Hearing decisions

Decisions made by our adjudicators

Name of Social Worker Registration Number Town where the allegation took place Hearing type Date of hearing Outcome
Linda Anita Northover SW107494 Interim order application 10 June 2020
Janet Moody SW12373 Interim order review 8 June 2020
Nicholas Joseph Blackburn SW26417 Review hearing 8 June 2020
Rhoda Donkor SW105928 Review hearing 8 June 2020
Anna Waugh SW98141 Interim order review 5 June 2020
Doreen Claire Ruta SW80293 Review hearing 5 June 2020
Charlene Eyles SW118165 Interim order application 5 June 2020
Debra Julie Howe SW78775 Review hearing 4 June 2020
Michael V Webster SW41633 Review hearing 4 June 2020
Gertrude Sadomba SW126025 Interim order review 4 June 2020