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Hearings and decisions

Upcoming hearings and decisions made by our adjudicators

Hearing decisions

Decisions made by our adjudicators

Name of Social Worker Registration Number Town where the allegation took place Hearing type Date of hearing Outcome
Rebekah McCabe SW105972 Interim order application 3 March 2020
Sonia Paulette Peters-Hewitt SW62856 Interim order application 2 March 2020
Yendamo B Kasomekera SW115642 Other 2 March 2020
Kenneth Moore SW30843 Review hearing 21 February 2020 Removal
Della Cowdry SW93629 Interim order application 20 February 2020 Interim suspension
Charmaine Morgan SW96747 Interim order review 19 February 2020 Interim suspension
Lisa Webdale SW107821 Interim order review 19 February 2020 Interim suspension
Michael Edward Thornton SW36938 Interim order review 18 February 2020 Conditions of practice
Nancy Jane Lindsay SW20999 Interim order application 18 February 2020 Interim suspension
Howard Wilson-Mudarikwa SW41500 Interim order review 17 February 2020 Suspended