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Search the register

You can search for a registered social worker by their first name, last name, registration number or any combination of those.

Please use the separate search page to search for multiple social workers.

Diana Samuels

Date valid at: 19 August 2022

Basic information

Diana Samuels

This is the name that the social worker has provided to us and is the name that will appear on our register. 


Each social worker on our register has a unique number allocated to them. 


If a social worker has an employment address, the register will display the postal town of the employment address. If this column is blank, this means that the social worker has not provided us with an employment address. We do not display the postal town of a social worker’s home address.

30 October 2019

This is the date that the social worker was added to the register of the Health and Care Professions Council (the organisation that registered social workers in England before us). Any social worker who joined the register after 1 August 2012 will show the date that they were first added to the register. For anyone who restored to the register, it will show the date that they re-joined the register.

For people with a status of ‘temporary registration – coronavirus’, this is the date they were added back onto the register during the coronavirus emergency

30 November 2022

This date will show the last day that the social worker is registered. Each registration period is 12 months and social workers are registered from 1 December until 30 November.

No recorded annotations

If a registered social worker is also registered as an Approved Mental Health Professional or Best Interests Assessor, this will be recorded here.

Guide to the register

If you have any questions about the how to search the register or need help, please read our guide to the register. You may also want to read more about what each registration status means.

Information for people who have been given temporary registration

If you have been given temporary registration, you are able to practise on a temporary basis as a social worker. This is in accordance with the powers we have been given by government to operate an emergency register. Temporary registration does not give you the same rights as a social worker who has a registration status of 'registered'. Temporary registration can be removed at any time, so if you wish to use the protected title of ‘social worker’ in the future, you must apply to restore your registration as soon as possible.

We're currently experiencing high volumes of enquiries. If you have any questions about restoring your registration, please read our restoration guidance.