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Registration status

What each registration status means

Social work is a regulated profession. This means that to be able to practise as a social worker in England, individuals must be registered with Social Work England. Once registered, all social workers are listed on our public register.

Our register is a statutory list of individual social workers who practise in England. It provides assurance that the people who practise as social workers in England have the right skills and qualifications and are capable of safe and effective practice.

Every social worker on our register has a registration status. You can read more about what each registration status means below.


Social workers on our register who are able to practise without restriction have a status of ‘registered’.

Temporary registration - coronavirus

Previously registered social workers in England who have left the register (after 18 March 2018) or who voluntarily leave the register during the coronavirus emergency have a status of ‘temporary registration - coronavirus’. During the emergency, people with temporary registration will be able to use the protected title ‘social worker’. Temporary registration will stop 14 days after the end of the emergency.

Registered, subject to conditions

A registration status of ‘registered, subject to conditions’ means that the social worker was added to our register with some conditions that they have to meet.

No longer registered

If a social worker has a status of ‘no longer registered’, their status will include the reason they are no longer registered, for example ‘failure to renew’ or ‘voluntary removal’.

Fitness to practise sanctions

We also publish outcomes of fitness to practise investigations on the register. If a social worker has fitness to practise sanctions, the dates over which that outcome applies will be displayed on the register.

Read more about what happens when a concern is raised about a social worker.