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About Social Work Week

14 to 18 March 2022

Social Work Week is a programme of events from Social Work England, the social work sector, and people with lived experience of social work.

About Social Work Week

Social Work Week usually takes place in March every year and complements World Social Work Day.

Building on the success of the first Social Work Week, Social Work Week 2022 was a programme of events which we are co-producing with the sector.

We ran a main programme of events across the week. We also encouraged organisations and individuals from across the sector to develop and run their own independent events and activities as part of Social Work Week.

Social Work Week is for anyone with an interest in social work in England, including:

  • social workers, including people looking to return to the profession
  • people with lived experience of social work
  • social work students
  • employers of social workers
  • social work educators
  • organisations with an interest in or influence on social work

Read more about attending Social Work Week.

Social work and me

In 2022, the focus of Social Work Week was ’Social work and me’.

Social Work Week 2022 encouraged everyone to reflect on the significant events, challenges, and successes of the profession in 2021. It brought people together to learn, connect, and engage around social work. It also enabled debate on the:

  • growing value that social work as a regulated profession adds to society in these unprecedented times,
  • collective ambition across the sector to enable positive change for the benefit of the millions of people who need social work support.

Key themes

The key themes for Social Work Week 2022 were:

  1. What social work means to me: views from lived and learned experience, keeping the professional standards at the core
  2. Reflections on the last year and what’s next for social work: looking back at social work in England during 2021
  3. Celebrating World Social Work Day. The theme of World Social Work Day 2022 is ‘Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind’

Our objectives

The objectives of Social Work Week 2022 were to:

  • have the voice of people with lived experience central to the week, setting the tone of our focus on protection of the public
  • facilitate conversations about raising standards in social work, promoting professional identity and building confidence in the profession
  • encourage the sector to contribute to the week and deliver independent events aligned with the core programme and themes
  • enable conversations and collaborate with those with an interest in social work around our strategic ambitions.
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