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Information about how we procure goods and services and our best practice principles.

Providing goods and services

Last updated: 20 April 2021

The procurement team at Social Work England adopt a range of sourcing approaches to meet our requirements. We want to make sure that the goods and services we buy offer value for money for the public purse, comply with the current UK and EU legislation, government accounting guidelines and good commercial practice.

As part of our strategy we have in place an agreed a set of best practice principles which ensure that we act in an ethically and commercially responsible way in our all contractual arrangements. Adhering to these principles is an integral part of the procurement process for us.

Our procurement principles:

  • adhere to a procurement process which is equitable, lawful and compliant with current legislation
  • seek value for money and the minimisation of risk through fair open and transparent procurement processes
  • harness the capability, diversity and innovation of our supplier to add value to our operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • seek to be easy to do business with, in order to minimise costs, risks and time
  • ensure the confidentiality of information entrusted to us while working with suppliers who also respect this practice

Future procurement opportunities

When procuring goods and services we will contract under our own terms and conditions, where applicable we will also make use of Crown Commercial Services and other Consortia frameworks. Opportunities over £10,000 are advertised in contracts finder.

Current procurement opportunities

Social Work England do not currently have any procurement opportunities. 

Transparency Data

In June 2010, the government announced a drive for greater transparency of data across the public sector. As part of this agenda and in fulfilling our value of transparency, we are publishing data relating to staffing and financial expenditure over £25,000.

View transparency data

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