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Hearings and decisions

Upcoming hearings and decisions made by our adjudicators

Debbie Leadbitter

Registration number



Whilst registered with the HCPC as a Social Worker working for Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, you:

1) Kept payments in advance for assessments that:
a) you did not complete; and/or
b) You did not submit to your employer; and/or
c) Were carried out by other assessors; and/or
d) Were cancelled and/or no longer required and not carried out.

2) Indicated that you were available to undertake assessments when you knew you had not completed previous assessments and did not have the capacity to complete the work.

3) Not proved.

4) Not proved.

5) Your actions described at particulars 1 and 2 constitute misconduct.

6) By reason of your misconduct your fitness to practise is impaired.

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