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Welcome from the chief executive

Colum Conway joins Social Work England as chief executive

Welcome from the chief executive

6/4/2018 12:00:00 PM

I am delighted to be appointed as the first chief executive of Social Work England.

As a registered social worker and someone who has led the professional regulator for social work in Northern Ireland for the past five years, I know first-hand the complexity and challenges in social work as well as its reward and its power to transform people’s lives.

I am determined that Social Work England will make a unique and lasting contribution to the profession of social work and to the role of professional regulation in how it supports improvement and raises standards in practice and care. It will be a benefit to the profession to have a regulator that is adaptable and agile, responsive and efficient, and works to establish and maintain constructive relationships with the diverse range of people who have an interest in social work.

I look forward to working with the chairperson, Lord Patel of Bradford and the new board and staff of Social Work England to build a strong, confident and effective organisation that will be at the forefront of protecting the public and enhancing the status and standing of the social work profession.

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