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Annual renewal is now open. Social workers must apply to renew their registration before 30 November. Log in to apply now.

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Social workers should take three steps this September to renew registration

Applications for renewals opened to almost 100,000 social workers today. Those who want to stay on the register must apply to renew as soon as possible.

Social workers should take three steps this September to renew registration

9/1/2021 9:00:00 AM

All social workers in England who want to continue practising can now apply to renew their professional registration. Social Work England, the regulator of social workers, has launched the annual registration renewal period, which means that anybody who wants to stay on the national register must apply by 30 November 2021.

Annual registration is a legal requirement for anyone who wants to use the title of social worker. Around 100,000 people are expected to apply and Social Work England is now encouraging them to take three easy steps to renew their registration and not to leave it until the last minute. This means that any queries can be resolved well before the deadline, so social workers can be certain they can continue in their jobs from December. Social workers who want to stay on the register need to take three steps:

  1. Submit an application via your online account.
  2. Pay the annual fee (set up a Direct Debit by 24 September to pay by instalments).
  3. Record at least one piece of continuing professional development (CPD).

Philip Hallam, executive director of registration, education quality assurance and legal at Social Work England said,

“We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing how things went last year and working with the sector to refine the annual renewal process. We are asking social workers to take three simple steps to complete their renewal application as soon as possible and before 30 November. A lot of people left it until the last minute last year, which put immense strain on teams and employers who weren’t sure if their workforce would turn up for work in December – which is traditionally an extremely busy time for social services.

It may sound harsh that any social worker who doesn’t successfully complete the renewal process will be removed from practise. But it’s essential that the public have reassurance that any social worker in their lives can be found on the public register and will meet the national professional standards. The same applies to doctors, nurses and dentists. Our role is to protect the public by regulating the social workers they put their trust in and making sure they are practising legally.”

Social workers should record CPD regularly to demonstrate they are maintaining their professional skills and keeping their practice up to date. It is a requirement of applying to renew registration that social workers record at least one piece of CPD per year. This applies to all social workers, including those on extended leave such as maternity, and those not currently working. Social Work England has recently published some real examples online, to show that CPD can be much more far-reaching than a traditional training course. There are also videos and blogs to assist and the organisation’s team of regional engagement leads can help with any questions.

Social Work England will be communicating with social workers by email, so it’s important that people check their personal details are up to date on their online account, especially their email address. Social Work England is also urging people to complete a new section of equality, diversity and inclusion information, to help build an accurate picture of the social work profession.

Finally, if people’s circumstances have changed, they are advised to make sure the register accurately reflects their status for 2021 to 2022 by:

  • Making a self-referral if their fitness to practise has changed.
  • Applying for voluntary removal if they want to leave the register.

Those who join the register from September to November do not need to apply to renew or record CPD, having just sent us up to date information. However, they will need to pay their registration fee for the coming year. Anyone who is removed from the register because they don’t apply to renew by 30 November, will have to pay a restoration fee to apply to rejoin the register and to continue to practise.

Social Work England is running free online workshops until November where social workers can learn more about registration and CPD. To book a place visit the website.

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