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The value of the social work profession

Our chief executive Colum Conway continues to reflect on COVID-19 and the role of social workers as key workers for the nation.

The value of the social work profession

3/20/2020 3:53:09 PM

This is my second update to reflect on the ongoing COVID-19 emergency and how we maintain vital social work support during this time.

Social Work England have made a conscious decision that throughout the uncertainty we want to keep talking to you and will endeavour to do so each day.

We understand that there are many questions and concerns that social workers have, some of which we can answer and many of which we need to work collectively with others to resolve.

You’ll have seen in the news that social workers are on the key worker list published by government last night. I hope that reassures many of you that this profession is valued alongside other key professionals and absolutely essential to ensure people and communities across England receive the best possible support when they need it most.

I also wanted to thank you for the positive response we had to our announcement yesterday to contact 8,000 former social workers who have left the register in the last two years with the opportunity to return. This is so that we can offer local employers a list of ‘fit, proper and suitably experienced’ professionals to bolster local efforts during the emergency. We welcome your interest in this and ask for your patience while we work with employers to understand what the roles and requirements are at that level. We will of course keep you updated on our dedicated coronavirus page and letters are being issued today to those concerned. We will also announce updates on our Twitter page @SocialWorkEng.

We acknowledge that many of you are asking whether final year students will be accepted onto the register at this time. That’s something that we will be seeking to understand further in coming days as we work in partnership to assess local need and implementation.

This is a unprecedented event and while we are working at pace alongside many other organisations we do not want to be knee jerk in our response. We work as part of a complex system and collaboration now more than ever will be key for all of us to put people at the centre and find our way through this together.

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