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Tackling racism and inequality in social work

A statement from chief executive Colum Conway on the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.

Tackling racism and inequality in social work

5/25/2021 10:16:05 AM

It’s been a year since George Floyd was killed and following his death there has been a real impetus for change, not only for us and the regulatory world, but for everyone. We have always said that more needed to be done to address racism and inequality but a year ago, we realised work could no longer wait and immediate action was needed.

As a result, we have established a race equality network to guide our work both inside and outside of the organisation, and to provide peer support for colleagues. Our new Head of Equality, diversity and inclusion, Ahmina Akhtar, has started in post and will raise the profile of equality, diversity and inclusion across our organisation, providing advice, support and constructive challenge. We have also produced our statement of intent which Ahmina will work from to build our strategy. She is already reviewing some ways of working and is looking at appointing champions within every team to help lead and embed this work.

It’s important that the awareness and need for action that was borne out of such pain, anger and sadness does not lose momentum. We have always been clear that our work in all of its complexity won’t be outwardly visible in the very short term, but we remain committed to engaging with the sector as we take steps to improve it. We need to work together to challenge discrimination and oppression in a constructive way to create a safer, fairer society.

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