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A statement regarding a blog sharing social worker information

We have been made aware of a blog linking social workers' social media pages to our register. Here is what we plan to do and what social workers should do.

A statement regarding the identification of a blog sharing social worker information

8/14/2020 2:21:22 PM

We have recently been made aware that an online blog is sharing personal information of a number of social workers taken from their personal social media pages alongside links to our publicly available register information.

Social workers carry out a difficult role in challenging circumstances every day. It is not helpful or appropriate for any social worker to be targeted in this way.

For any social workers who are impacted by this, or any similar sites, we recommend you seek the support of your employers and speak to their HR teams about any harassment at work protocols. Social workers could also directly raise this with the website publisher. We will be reporting the site to the blog provider in that we consider it to be threatening in tone alongside advising that it potentially breaches the individual rights of registered social workers.

Our professional standards are specialist to the social work profession and apply to registered social workers in all roles and settings. The standards are the threshold standards necessary for safe and effective practice, and we encourage social workers to read our guidance on social media, included in our professional standards guidance.


An extract from the guidance

Social media can be a supportive tool to facilitate communication in an online community. However, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and others are public places. When communicating online people often have little control over who sees comments or where they end up, even if they are later deleted.

It is important to apply stringent privacy settings and review them regularly. Privacy settings can be reset by the social networking site to a default which may not be as stringent as personal settings, so it is important to check these regularly.