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Annual renewal is now open. Social workers must apply to renew their registration before 30 November. Log in to apply now.

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Reflecting on why recording CPD matters

In this blog, regional engagement lead Ahmina reflects on the importance of recording CPD.

Reflecting on why CPD matters

11/20/2020 9:43:31 AM

The deadline for recording continuing professional development (CPD) and renewing your registration is fast approaching. You must record at least one piece of CPD before 30 November 2020 if you want to renew your registration. 

Recording CPD is simple

CPD is an important part of our legislation, and a legal requirement if you want to continue practising. Recording on our online system is quick and straightforward, with two different types of form to choose from. You can also attach a document if you record CPD in a different format, such as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet. 

It’s important to remember that CPD isn’t just about attending training. Activities like listening to a podcast, reading an article, or having a discussion with a colleague can be recorded. You’ve probably already done something that counts as CPD, so all you need to do is record it on your online account. Focus on quality over quantity; as long as you demonstrate the impact that the CPD has had on your practice, your CPD doesn’t have to be an essay.  

If you don’t record any CPD, your registration will lapse, and you will be removed from the register. Restoring your registration is a more complex process than renewing, which can take some time to complete (and you will not be able to practise whilst this process is underway.) Restoring also comes at a cost of £135, in addition to the £90 it costs to renew. You save yourself stress, and money, by recording CPD and renewing before the deadline. 

Recording CPD is important

CPD is a key part of registration because it demonstrates that your skills and knowledge are up to date, and that you can practise safely and effectively. 

“CPD supports positivity, professionalism and accountability. It puts the onus on the professional, not the organisation they work for.” Carmen Colomina, Practice Development Manager at the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) 

CPD is an individual professional responsibility, and a way of demonstrating to the public and your employer that you remain fit to practise as a social worker, your registration is up to date, and you are developing your practice. Our CPD requirements, and the system we ask you to use to upload CPD, were developed in consultation with the sector. You can read more about the CPD consultation here. We will continue to evolve our process based on an ongoing discussion with the profession. To support this, we are commissioning research to better understand social workers’ experiences of CPD. 

 After the deadline, Social Work England will randomly select 2.5% of CPD records for validation. Read more about how validation works here. This process is incredibly important, as it will help capture the standard of professional development across the sector. Reviewing and understanding how social workers use CPD in their practice will help us to uphold our professional standards. 

As well as being an important exercise for the sector, CPD is also incredibly valuable to you as an individual. It provides the opportunity to reflect on your experiences and your work in a structured way, supporting your growth as a professional. 

Don’t leave it until the last minute - record CPD today. 


Read the previous ‘reflecting on’ blogs for CPD prompts and inspiration.
Watch this tutorial video for a practical guide to uploading CPD on our system. 

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