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Reflecting on CPD and Social Work Week

Head of strategic engagement Morwenna Foden discusses how to reflect on the impact Social Work Week has had on your practice

Reflecting on CPD and Social Work Week

3/25/2021 11:57:30 AM

Social Work Week 2021 provided an opportunity for social workers and those with an interest in social work to come together for a week of virtual events. This included a mix of renowned speakers, panel discussions, workshops, artistic contributions, wellbeing activities, networking lunches, reflective practice, and more. We were pleased to see such rich discourse taking place amongst the sector during sessions, and to receive great feedback, as well as important challenge, from social workers. Here’s what a few attendees had to say about the sessions:

“This is awe inspiring - how can so much be delivered in such a short space of time. This is a real treat- thanks Professor Beresford and thanks Social Work England for bringing this to us. What an opportunity!” (from ‘Social work by all and for all: a vision for the future’)

Thank you all for sharing your stories - inspirational! ...I feel better informed which I’m confident will improve my practice - so thank you.” (from ‘Working with LGBTQ+ people’)

Excellent presentation and I think you've voiced so much for so many silenced people. Hope this helps us all to provide better support.” (from ‘EUPD and me: an inclusive perspective on working and living with personality disorder’)

Remember that, as these events were designed to forge connections, inspire and develop learning, they are perfect for continuing professional development (CPD).

CPD is an important part of our professional standards, which aim to improve public safety and confidence in social work. For every piece of CPD that you record, you must include reflection to meet standard 4.6: “reflect on my learning activities and evidence what impact continuing professional development has on the quality of my practice”.

Recording CPD that reflects on what you have learned, and how you will apply it to practice, is a fantastic way to gain more from your experience at Social Work Week, as well as meeting Social Work England’s CPD requirements.


These prompts are designed to help guide you when recording CPD. You could answer these within the unstructured CPD form, or just use them as starting points for your reflections.

  • Consider the perspectives you have heard during Social Work Week from those with lived experience of social work. How will their feedback on social work experiences shape and inform your practice? (standard 4.1)
  • If you learned more about research, theories, and frameworks, reflect on how these will inform your practice and professional judgement going forward. How might you apply a theory or framework you have learned about to your work? (standard 4.3)
  • Consider how your knowledge on key aspects of social work practice, or on current issues in society, has improved as a result of social work week. How will you bring this learning into your practice? You could think about some of the key themes addressed at the event, such as the future of social work, or equality, diversity and inclusion. (standard 4.4)
  • What learning from Social Work Week have you shared with a colleague/your team, to contribute to an open and creative learning culture in the workplace? Alternatively, if a colleague has shared something with you that they learned at the event, how will this impact your practice going forward? (standard 4.5)
  • Reflect on your personal ethics and values. Did you learn anything at Social Work Week that challenged these, or helped you to think in a different way? If you gained new perspectives, how will these impact your practice? (standard 4.8)

If you were unable to attend sessions at Social Work Week, you can still enjoy content from the event and use it for CPD; a large library of recordings is now available on our YouTube channel. We encourage you to make use of this wealth of resources and join the ongoing conversation on Twitter.

More inspiration and practical guidance on how to record CPD can be found on our website.

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