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Reflecting on COVID-19

2020 has presented a unique set of challenges for social workers. In this blog, our regional engagement lead Catherine highlights some prompts to help you reflect on COVID-19.

Reflecting on COVID-19

9/4/2020 4:32:39 PM

In the first of our ‘reflecting on’ blogs, designed to help you reflect and think critically about issues that affect social workers today, we consider the impact of COVID-19. You can use these blogs to help you reflect on your own practice and record CPD.

To be able to renew your registration with Social Work England, you must record at least one piece of CPD on your online account before 30 November. We recognise that time can be in short supply for social workers. However, it’s incredibly important to take time to reflect on everything that’s happening, to improve your practice and help raise the standards of the profession.

2020 has presented a unique set of challenges for social workers. Caring for the most vulnerable of society with reduced face-to-face interaction, as well as managing your own lives and taking care of families and loved ones during the pandemic, is undoubtedly a huge challenge.

CPD provides an opportunity to step back, reflect on everything that’s affecting you and your work, and tackle any concerns you might have head-on. It doesn’t have to be a big undertaking – just taking whatever time you can to reflect and record makes all the difference.

Below are some prompts to help structure your reflections on COVID-19. You could answer these within the unstructured CPD form, or just use them as starting points. Make sure you link your answers to the CPD standard.


Prompts for CPD

  • Seek and reflect on feedback from someone you support, about how COVID-19 has affected their experience of social work. (Standard 4.1)
  • Talk about social work research, theories or models that have helped you when supporting people during the pandemic. (Standard 4.3)
  • Consider how isolation or social distancing may have affected your connections with the people you support. Have you found it harder to build trust? (Standard 4.4)
  • Consider whether you find certain people you support are disproportionately affected by COVID-19. What factors make them more vulnerable during this time? (Standard 4.4)
  • Ask yourself, have you learned anything new during the pandemic that will influence or change the way you work in the future? (Standard 4.6)

Don’t forget, you meet standards 4.6 and 4.7 automatically by recording CPD.

Remember to anonymise your CPD. If you are talking about a specific person or case, you must leave out or remove any details that could identify someone.

For guidance on using your online account to record CPD, try watching our video guide. You can also find resources on the CPD section of our website.

CPD drop-in sessions

We also offer regional CPD drop-in sessions to answer any questions you might have about CPD. Please contact the regional engagement lead for your area for dates and times.

Visit this page to find out who your regional engagement lead is, and click their name to email them.