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Heading into 2022

As we move into 2022, now, more than ever, social workers will continue to offer essential support for people, families and communities.

Heading into 2022

1/4/2022 2:24:08 PM

A year ago, we looked back at 2020, an extraordinary year with extraordinary challenges for everyone. 2021 wasn’t much different, as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact on how we interact as individuals, how we connect as a society, and how we stay safe.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, social workers continued to work hard and adapt their practice throughout times of uncertainty to offer vital support to people, families, and communities. We want to thank social workers for their hard work, as they've continued to showcase their continuing professional development and how they have embedded reflection into their practice.

We also want to extend our thanks to people with lived experience and those who have taken the time to share their experiences of social work, including our National Advisory Forum members who continue to co-produce and challenge aspects of our work.

We hope that people had time to rest, reflect and reconnect with friends and family over the past few weeks. As we move into 2022, now, more than ever, social workers will offer essential support for people, families and communities.

Unfortunately, uncertainty remains as to the impact of COVID-19 on the provision of vital services. To help reinforce the work of social workers, in December Will Quince, Minister for Children and Families, re-issued a call to qualified social workers to return to practise and bolster vital front-line services.

At the start of the pandemic, we were given emergency powers to enact temporary registration. This meant that many previously registered social workers in England were temporarily registered and able to return to practise should they wish to do so. Social workers with temporary registration status can apply for roles with local authorities, health trusts and other employers in England, helping to protect the public amidst staff shortages. If you can support on a temporary basis, we would encourage you to contact your local authority or sign up with a local agency.

We would like to thank all social workers who have indicated that they want to return to practise, as well as all those currently practising in extremely challenging circumstances.

We would also like to congratulate everyone in social work who have been recognised in the 2022 New Years Honours list for their achievements and service to this vital profession.

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