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Call for social workers to renew essential registration from today

Applications for renewals opened to almost 100,000 social workers today. Those who want to stay on the register must complete the online renewal process as soon as possible.

Call for social workers to renew essential registration from today

9/1/2020 12:01:00 AM

Social Work England is reminding all registered social workers that they must renew their professional registration as soon as possible.

Applications for renewals opened to almost 100,000 social workers today, 1 September, and those who want to stay on the social work register must complete the simple online process as soon as possible, with a deadline of 30 November. By law, all social workers must be on the register if they wish to use the protected title.

The specialist regulator, which went live in December, has changed the renewal process to an annual requirement as part of its mission to increase public confidence in social workers.

As part of the change social workers must now record at least one piece of continuing professional development (CPD) annually to show they are keeping their skills up to date. To make it easier, Social Work England has provided every social worker with an online account, where they must record CPD, as well as manage their registration, payments and personal details.

Philip Hallam, executive director for registration, quality assurance and legal said:

“Being registered gives the public reassurance that you are a properly qualified social worker who meets recognised professional standards and has up to date skills.
“We have made the renewal process an annual requirement to give people extra confidence that when they search our register for a social worker, they are getting up to date information about regulated professionals who carry out a specialist role - similar to doctors, nurses and dentists.
“We know that social workers are often managing busy workloads, which is why we have tried to make the renewal process as simple as possible. Go online to www.socialworkengland.org.uk and complete three simple steps: activate your online account if you haven’t already done so, record your CPD, and complete the online renewal application. If you don’t apply to renew in time, you will be removed from the register, will not be able to practise as a social worker, and will have to pay an additional restoration fee of £135 to have your registration restored.”

Despite the move to an annual process, Social Work England has kept the registration fees the same. Those who renew before 25 September will have the option of paying their £90 fee by Direct Debit in two instalments, on 1 October 2020 and 1 April 2021. Those registering afterwards will need to pay the full amount by debit or credit card.

Social workers are urged to visit the renewal section on the Social Work England website for full information about renewals. This also includes information about leaving the register voluntarily and making the regulator aware if your circumstances have changed.

Why do I need to be registered?

Social workers are key workers who play a vital role in public protection. Being registered with Social Work England shows that you are part of a professional workforce like teachers, doctors, nurses and dentists.

Trust is intrinsic to social work. Being registered means people will have more trust in you because they know that you must maintain professional standards.

You need to manage the expectations of the people you support. The professional standards provide clear guidance and boundaries for everyone.

Social work can be complex because it’s based on human relationships. Sometimes things go wrong. Registration means you work within a framework of rules and standards, so concerns can be resolved fairly and impartially.

Social work is constantly changing. Through CPD, which is a key part of registration, you demonstrate that your skills and knowledge are up to date and you can practise safely and effectively.

Notes to editors

Registration renewal and CPD

Between 1 September and 30 November 2020, social workers who wish to continue to practise must renew their registration with Social Work England. We continue to engage with social workers on how to do this. To meet the requirements to renew their registration, social workers are required to record at least one piece of CPD in their online account before 30 November 2020.

Advice for social workers

Social Work England

Social Work England is a specialist body taking a new approach to regulating social workers in their vital roles. We believe in the power of collaboration and share a common goal with those we regulate - to protect the public, enable positive change and ultimately improve people’s lives. 

For more information please contact:

Jonathan Smith, External Relations Manager: [email protected]
Catherine Elphee, External Relations Officer: [email protected]

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