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Social media guidance update

A note from Sarah, our executive director for strategy, policy and engagement, on the workshops and events so far.

Social media guidance update

1/26/2022 3:00:00 PM

Social media offers unparalleled opportunities to communicate and engage with people. We know, however, that communicating online can create difficult questions for social workers. People behave differently online and the context can blur the boundaries between professional and personal lives. Engaging on social media can also be a difficult environment in which to make effective decisions, maintain professional relationships and uphold the professional standards.

To help explore these questions, we put out a call for expressions of interest from people who wanted to speak to us further about the safe use of social media as a social worker. We wanted to understand how social workers uphold their professional standards online, maintain best practice, and the potential risks they foresee for practitioners. Stemming from this, we held 2 events in December and will look to engage more this year, based on demand, so that we continue to hear from the sector about the issues around social work and social media, and that we reflect current needs and expectations in our guidance.

We look forward to understanding how we can support social workers to uphold their professional standards when using social media and will keep you updated about our work in this area. Remember to refer to the professional standards guidance for our current advice on how to practice safely online, and to keep an eye on our social media and website for the latest information.

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