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A time for reflection

We know the current environment is very challenging. Recording CPD is a way of turning challenging times into reflection for the benefit of social work practice and the millions of people who need social workers' support.

A time for reflection

5/29/2020 2:30:00 PM

We know that as social workers you will be navigating your way through the COVID-19 pandemic with a stronger focus than ever on people and relationships. No doubt you are also considering your skills, as well as the ethics and impact of new and different ways of working for the longer term.

Thank you for all you are doing in difficult circumstances with the skill and flexibility that is so typical of our profession. This also presents a real opportunity for social workers to reflect, consider and record individual experiences through continuing professional development (CPD).

We know that you continue to deliver vital services in innovative ways and to think reflectively about the support you provide during the crisis. Such reflection gives way to a unique opportunity to process difficult experiences and upload valuable learning to your Social Work England account as a digital record. In many ways, this record could become an extension of the many daily conversations and reflections you exchange with colleagues, in team meetings or meetings with managers.

We know the current environment is very challenging. You are encountering a wealth of new experiences, new modes of behaviour, guidance and policies, different social situations, and different responses. You have also told us that alongside the many challenges, new areas of practice are emerging, some of which will be valuable to hold onto when the pandemic is over. All of this is valuable CPD.

Social Work England does not prescribe a type of CPD and how you present your learning is intentionally flexible and a matter of choice. Reading a piece of research, conducting an interview or writing a reflective piece about learning from challenges all count as valuable CPD. We simply ask that it is recorded in your online account as one central record.

Recording CPD is an essential part of maintaining your professional title as a social worker, upholding professional standards and your registration conditions. More importantly, writing down your experiences of COVID-19 will help the sector to record, process and contribute to a rich picture of the value our workforce brings to society in response to one of the biggest challenges it has faced in hundreds of years.

As the public, communities and, more widely, society considers their individual and shared experience of the pandemic, recording CPD for social workers should have the same purpose. It is a way of turning challenging times into a point of reflection for the benefit of social work practice and the millions of people who need their support every day.

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