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A letter to social workers

A joint statement from Chief Social Workers encouraging you to renew your registration and record CPD.

A letter to social workers

10/13/2020 10:44:19 AM

Joint statement from Chief Social Workers encourages professionals to renew their registration and upload at least one piece of CPD ahead of deadline.

It will come as no surprise to say how proud we are to call ourselves social workers. In 2001, society decided to recognise that importance too by making social work a regulated profession. That in turn made it easier for the public to identify those with the expertise to do this unique role. It also supported a sector wide ambition to renew confidence in the profession by ensuring that people pursuing a career in social work met our professional standards and had a shared commitment to continually develop and learn.  

Continuing professional development (CPD) is and has always been an integral part of good social work practice. It supports us as professionals to own our experiences, reflect on them and strive to use them as a source of inspiration to further improve people’s lives.

Social Work England became our new specialist regulator in December 2019. Social workers must renew their registration with them before 30 November 2020 so that they can continue to practice. In addition, social workers must also record at least one piece of CPD in their online Social Work England account before that deadline. This is a mandatory requirement.

As Chief Social Workers we support Social Work England’s approach to CPD and recognise the rich breadth of activity that falls under the CPD umbrella to improve our profession and the public service we provide.  

We have completed the registration renewal. The process was straightforward and gave a good opportunity to reflect.

To renew your registration and continue to practise as a social worker, we urge all social workers to complete the following steps:

  1. Activate your online account at socialworkengland.org.uk
  2. Record at least one piece of CPD on your online account before 30 November
  3. Self-refer if you need to
  4. Renew your registration
Find out more about renewal and CPD
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