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Latest news

Latest news, media releases, papers and other publications from Social Work England.

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Latest news from Social Work England

Coronavirus advice on GOV.UK web page



Maintaining vital support for people during uncertain times

An update on our work on COVID-19 from our chief executive Colum Conway



Blog, World Social Work Day

People need to be given the tools to make their own change

World Social Word Day is on 17 March 2020. To celebrate, we’ve asked social workers at Social Work England a few questions. Meet Ciara who is a social worker and an investigator at Social Work England.

Hand washing



Regulating in light of novel coronavirus

Joint statement from chief executives of statutory regulators of health and care professionals



Board paper

Board papers - 21 February 2020

We are committed to openness and transparency. With this in view, we will publish our board papers online following a board meeting.



Announcement, Engagement, EDI

Become a member of our national advisory forum

A unique opportunity to get involved with a new, national organisation at an important time in our development.

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