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Recording your learning

You must record CPD on your online account to evidence that you have met standard 4.7

Recording your learning

4.7 Record my learning and reflection on a regular basis and in accordance with Social Work England’s guidance on continuing professional development.

Why you need to record CPD

Recording CPD allows you to reflect on your learning and social work practice and identify areas for growth and improvement. By recording CPD, you are giving yourself dedicated time and space to think about your experiences, helping you to improve as a professional.

Many regulated professionals must evidence their CPD to their regulator; for example doctors, lawyers and dentists. By doing CPD and recording it in your online account, you demonstrate to us and the public that you uphold our professional standards and continue to remain fit to practise.

What you need to do

You must record at least one piece of CPD on your online account during each registration year (1 December to 30 November). The CPD must be your own work and a true reflection of the activities you have carried out.

How to record your learning in your online account

Recording CPD on your online account is a requirement of your registration. For this reason, standard 4.7 will be automatically selected on every CPD activity you upload.

Read our guide on how to record CPD

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