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CPD examples

Your CPD should be personal to you and your practice. These examples should not be viewed as best practice.

CPD examples

Last updated: 23 September 2020

What types of CPD you could do

Although formal training can be an important part of learning, CPD can be any activity you feel would benefit you and your practice. This could include learning from podcasts, webinars, project work, articles or reviewing your own practice in a particular area. It could also be the work you have done through programmes such as the assessed supported year in employment.

We will not tell you what CPD you should do, but we encourage you to think creatively about your learning, including the things you’re already doing in your role which demonstrate how you meet the CPD standard. It is important that your learning is relevant to your role and that it is about the application of your learning in practice.

Read more about what counts as CPD.

Use your online account to record CPD

You can record CPD on your online account using either a structured or an unstructured form. The structured form has more questions and helps you consider what to write, whereas the unstructured form gives you more flexibility.

The unstructured form enables you to upload CPD you’ve already recorded and provides a free text format for you to tell us about how the learning has improved your practice. If you already record your CPD somewhere else, for example workplace personal development records, or you have a portfolio for a programme such as ASYE, you can attach this and explain how it meets the CPD standard.

If you use the unstructured form, you’ll need to select which parts of the CPD standard you think your CPD demonstrates.

You may want to look at both forms before deciding which is the most appropriate for your CPD example, and it is entirely up to you which form you use.

Read more about how to record CPD.

CPD examples using the online forms

Depending on your practice and the number of standards being covered, each CPD entry will look different in terms of content and length. Your CPD should be personal to you and your practice. We want to see how you have reflected on your learning and how the CPD has had a positive influence on your practice.

These examples should not be viewed as best practice. They illustrate what a completed CPD record could look like.

Additional support

If you’re having issues with our website, or you have any questions about CPD, you may want to view to our CPD support page.

You can also download our guidance on CPD (PDF).

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