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After a decision

Our case review team monitors suspended social workers and social workers with conditions on their practice.

Case review

Last updated: 10 February 2021

Our case review team monitors suspended social workers and social workers with conditions of practice. This includes where social workers have accepted that their fitness to practise is impaired and agreed to the sanctions proposed by case examiners or when an order has been imposed by our adjudicators.

Case review officers are the main points of contact for social workers following a fitness to practise outcome. They set deadlines for the social worker to submit evidence and can help explain the conditions or suspension order.

While they cannot change the decision made, they will be there to guide the social worker through their remediation and back to unrestricted practice wherever possible.

Reviews of conditions of practice and suspension orders

Reviews of orders will be arranged by our adjudications team shortly before the condition or suspension orders are due to expire.

The purpose of a review is to decide whether the concerns which led to the condition or suspension order have been addressed and whether the social worker's fitness to practise is still impaired.

At a review, sanctions are either removed, amended, extended or changed to a different sanction.

If an order is removed, the social worker can return to unrestricted practice.

If it is decided at a review that the social worker is still not fit to practise without restriction, the existing order may be extended, amended or replaced with a different sanction.

In circumstances where there is evidence that the order is not being complied with or other concerns have arisen, we will seek an early review of that order.

The social worker may be able to request an early review of the conditions or suspension order in certain cases if circumstances have changed since the order was put in place.

Further information

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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