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How we work with people

How we work with people

We are committed to our regulation being rooted in the values and principles that underpin the social work profession.

Central to our work is collaboration and dialogue with anyone with an interest in social work, from co-producing our organisation and formal consultations on big changes to engaging with social workers to understand trends across the country.

You can find out more about how we are working with stakeholders across England via our regional engagement team.

Our consultations

Another way that we continue to work with everyone who has an interest in social work is by consulting on important issues. The feedback we receive is used to inform our work, generate new ideas and test our thinking. We consult on topics such as amendments to our rules and standards, policy changes and supporting guidance.

The consultation process

With every consultation we provide information on our website that details what we are consulting on, our thinking so far, and how people can get involved. Our consultations typically run for 10 to 12 weeks.

Once a consultation closes, we collate, read and analyse all the responses. All of the feedback is considered and supports us in reviewing our proposals. We publish a summary of this feedback alongside the final document. The summary sets out details of who responded and what they said, what we’ve changed and our reasoning.

How to get involved in our consultations

There are many ways to respond to our consultations and we accept responses by email or post, and in some consultations, via an online survey or at dedicated consultation events.

Live consultations

There are currently no live consultations.


Past consultations and responses

When a consultation has ended and all documents have been published, our response will be listed as an online publication. 

View past consultation responses

If you have any questions about our consultations contact [email protected]org.uk


Last updated: 22 December 2020

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