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Equality, diversity and inclusion steering group

Our equality, diversity and inclusion steering group ensures that we're an exemplary employer and regulator in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Equality, diversity and inclusion steering group

Last updated: 14 April 2021

Our EDI steering group meets monthly. It has 4 sub-groups which also meet on a regular basis. These sub-groups cover:

  • workforce, including recruitment
  • data and benchmarking
  • communications and engagement
  • and training and development

The sub-groups include members of the steering group as well as colleagues from across the organisation who bring their own perspectives and expertise.

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Members of the steering group

The members of the equality, diversity and inclusion steering group have the following job titles:

  • Executive Director – Strategy, Policy and Engagement
  • Regional Engagement Lead – Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Senior MI Analyst
  • Executive Office lead
  • Directors Assistant
  • Professional Case Examiner
  • Internal Quality Improvement Manager
  • Internal Quality and Improvement Officer
  • People Business Partner
  • Case Examiner Support Officer
  • Head of Quality assurance
  • Finance Officer
  • Investigator

Use of language

The steering group discuss ‘use of language’ as a standing item on the agenda each month. This discussion has been expanded in the communication and engagement sub-group and there is a language guidance blog in progress to be shared with the whole organisation.

Conscious and unconscious bias

Another standing item is ‘bias, conscious and unconscious, within our organisation’, within this the group have discussed unconscious bias training and how we improve the EDI learning in our organisation, giving people the tools and opportunity to focus on their own bias and help change it.

Training and development

The training and development sub-group are looking to introduce bitesize sessions to train internally and promote discussion on equality, diversity, and inclusion. Further to this, members of the steering group recently presented in an all-organisation meeting on the topic of inclusion, specifically during the current pandemic.

We're working with the learning and organisation development team on a programme of mentoring across the organisation, including a specific element on positive action mentoring, for those of our people with protected characteristics who wish to progress their careers within the organisation or beyond.

We will regularly update the steering group on this development, and have discussed with the race equality network, who have given their support.

Self-assessment evaluation and benchmarking

Recently, all the sub-groups have been working with TIDE (Talent Inclusion & Diversity Evaluation), enei’s self-assessment evaluation and benchmarking tool, which measures an organisation’s approach and progress on diversity and inclusion.

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