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Qualifying education and training standards 2020 guidance

Guidance on the standards

This document provides guidance on Social Work England’s qualifying education and training standards.

These are the standards against which we will assess and approve social work education and training courses. The aim is to ensure that students who successfully complete a social work course can meet our professional standards and can apply to be registered with us.

We want to encourage education and training providers to develop new courses, and providers of existing courses to structure or deliver them in different or innovative ways.

Therefore, we have avoided setting detailed requirements for how you should meet the standards. Instead, we approve and monitor how you have achieved the required outcomes, the policies and processes you have in place, and how you implement, review and evaluate them.

This guidance explains the purpose for each standard, provides further explanation and definitions, and in some cases, suggests how you could show that you meet the standard.

The education and training standards apply to all social work qualifying routes, including:

  • undergraduate and post graduate courses

  • full and part-time courses

  • the social work degree apprenticeship

  • alternative training routes and courses

This guidance document is written for education providers who are delivering approved social work education and training courses, or who are preparing to apply for approval of a new social work qualifying course. The guidance will also be useful for practice education providers and others who work with and alongside education providers.

View or download guidance on the 2020 education and training standards

Last updated: 13 January 2020