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What’s next for social work?

Social Work Week 2021 events by theme

All events with the theme: 'What’s next for social work?'.

The future of social work: panel discussion

Hear from leaders in social work about their thoughts on the future of the profession and ask your questions.

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Greening social work: a response to 21st century challenges including COVID-19

Professor Lena Dominelli argues that social workers and social work educators have key roles to play in protecting the exploitation of the environment.

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Defensible decision-making tool for ‘virtual visits'

Learn about a new decision-making tool for virtual social work visits developed in the North East during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Building a relational model of supervision in children’s social care

Join an interactive workshop with Research in Practice and the University of Sussex about the Practice Supervisor Development Programme (PSDP).

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Social worker ascending to approved clinician

Learn about the role of the social worker as a non-medical ‘approved clinician’ and the positive impact that this could have on the social work workforce.

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Moving social work: a research project supporting social workers to embed physical activity promotion in practice

Learn about a new research project in Durham that is looking to embed positive messages about physical activity within social work practice.

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Social work by and for all: a vision for the future

Join Professor Peter Beresford OBE as he examines a complex time in social work’s history and seeks to offer a realistic route map for the future.

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Reflective practice: the future of social work

Come along and reflect on issues impacting the social work sector. What are your best hopes for social work this year and beyond?

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Diversifying and decolonising the curriculum in social work

A panel of people with lived experience, students, employers and academics discuss discuss an initiative to develop graduates who are anti-racist in their practice.

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A whole teaching partnership approach to practice education: where we were, where we are and what next?

Hear about the positive impact of a practice education strategy in a discussion with employers, higher education partners, practice educators and students.

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Supporting social workers through lockdown

Find out how Hampshire County Council’s staff wellbeing and support hub was so successful throughout 2020 that it has outlived lockdown.

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The power of social work and social work leadership

Join the chief social workers for adults to reflect on the achievements of social work and the power of leadership.

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What we’ve learnt from developing a new model of peer review

Hear about the learning from a new model of team-to-team peer review in the East Midlands.

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Developing apprenticeships as a model for social work education

Consider the benefits and challenges of this new route into social work with staff, apprentices and partners from the University of Sunderland.

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Improving outcomes through digital innovation

Find out how Kent County Council developed a digital innovation programme to set people up for the online challenges of COVID-19 and beyond.

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The JUCSWEC State of Social Work Education and Research Report 2020

Learning from an extraordinary year for future planning and progress for social work education and research.

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"Me and my mobile" - young people’s use of mobile devices in fostering settings

Learn about the creation of ‘Me and My Mobile’ - a tool that helps young people in care and their foster carers to negotiate the over use of mobile devices.

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The future of mental health social work

Explore how mental health social work can develop to meet the new challenges and changing landscape of mental health.

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6 things you can do to connect better and get through tough times

Maff Potts, founder of Camerados, will be our evening’s entertainment and will reflect on how we get through tough times and the importance of friends and purpose.

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