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Understanding your regulator

Social Work Week 2021 events by theme

All events with the theme: 'Understanding your regulator'.

Welcome to Social Work Week

Welcome to the first Social Work Week. Get an overview of the programme, listen to inspirational stories of social work and hear our top tips for the week.

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Understanding your regulator: the register, professional standards and CPD

Find out more about what it means to be a regulated and registered professional with Social Work England.

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Feedback sessions hosted by the National Advisory Forum

Feedback on your experience of Social Work Week with Social Work England’s National Advisory Forum.

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What have we learnt in our first year as the specialist regulator for social work?

Join Social Work England’s chief executive and chair of the board as they reflect on 2020, examine our first Social Work in England report and answer questions.

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Meet the Social Work England board

Meet and ask questions to the board members responsible for holding the reins of the regulator for over 100,000 social workers in England.

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Understanding your regulator: fitness to practise

Find out more about how Social Work England manages concerns raised about social workers with our fitness to practise team.

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Understanding your regulator: education quality assurance

Meet Social Work England’s education quality assurance team that works to make sure that the social workers of the future can access good quality education.

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Reflective practice: understanding your regulator

Come along and reflect on issues impacting the social work sector. What does regulation mean to you? What do you need to know more about?

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Networking lunches

Have you met your Social Work England regional engagement lead? Enjoy an informal networking lunch with people from your area and our engagement team.

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