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Social work and me: living the professional standards

Social Work Week 2021 events by theme

All events with the theme: 'Social work and me: living the professional standards'.

Poetry recital

In this creative performance, social worker and published author Aimee shares several poems she’s written inspired by her experiences in the profession.

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Domestic abuse and child protection - 'change the language, change the practice’

Reflect on learning, new models and research to change the way you work with families where there is domestic abuse.

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Reflective practice: looking back at 2020

Come along and reflect on issues impacting the social work sector. What has been the defining feature of social work in 2020?

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Developmental trauma and the pathway to homelessness

Learn about the impact of developmental trauma and how it can lead to homelessness.

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Improving outcomes for people with lived experience of social work through shared decision making

Discuss the role of social work in promoting effective engagement in shared decision-making using evidence based practice.

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Mindful and kindful: creating and building mindfulness spaces for social workers and colleagues

Join this practical session to find out how mindfulness can benefit you and your colleagues.

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The voice of the child during a pandemic

Listen to Lincolnshire County Council’s creative ways of working with children and young people during the pandemic.

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Post traumatic growth: attachment wounds and the wounded healers

Experience a pioneering piece of research involving care leavers and themes such as mental health, attachment and housing stability.

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Learning from those who live inside barrels of exclusion

Take part in an experiential session to examine some of the issues faced by social workers and others when working with the most excluded people in society.

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There’s no magic to it

Share the experiences of social workers from Essex County Council who created and star in a film with some powerful messages about social work.

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“I just wanted to say thank you” - Young people’s relationships with their social workers

Go behind the scenes of the making of a film made about care experiences of young people.

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Working together to tackle isolation and loneliness

Learn about Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust’s solution to tackling isolation and loneliness through community-led support.

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When social work works - by people who have experienced it

Listen to a group of people with lived experience share their experiences of social work.

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Unlikely conversations in unlikely places – celebrating the breadth and depth of social work in Oldham

See the positive impact of social care support in this film showcasing the experiences of young people in Oldham.

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The journey from being a care experienced person to a social worker

Hear about Steven’s experience of being a care experienced person and how he is now working as a social worker.

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The impact of social work recruitment involving care experienced young people

A film by the youth participation team at Brighton and Hove Council about how they involved care experienced young people in the recruitment of social workers.

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Supporting the citizens of Greater Manchester during the Covid-19 pandemic from a social work perspective

Find out how social work teams from across Greater Manchester pulled together to support people during COVID-19.

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