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Equality, diversity and inclusion: social work perspectives

Social Work Week 2021 events by theme

All events with the theme: 'Equality, diversity and inclusion: social work perspectives'.

Women leaders in social work

Join Social Work England’s executive director Sarah Blackmore as she reflects with others on how we can encourage more women into leadership roles.

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Reflecting for action: why it’s time to take anti-racist practice seriously in social work education and practice

Dr Prospera Tedam examines the experiences of Black African social work students and practitioners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Reflections on a pandemic by Wiltshire social care staff and children

Experience art and poetry by social workers and children in Wiltshire on the theme of the pandemic.

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Living a careless life: redefining the narrative for children in care

Luke Rodgers BEM will take you on a journey to understand the impact recording has on the stigmatisation of children, how social care and education clash, and how to overcome it.

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Equality diversity and inclusion: a Wolverhampton perspective

Watch a film giving a fresh perspective on equality, diversity and inclusion from social workers and people in Wolverhampton.

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Social work through our eyes

Take part in an interactive workshop where emerging artists from Open Theatre creatively share their lived experience of social work.

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My life in a chair

Hear Ify’s incredible story of how a life-changing accident introduced him to social work as a young immigrant in England.

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EUPD and me: an inclusive perspective on living and working with personality disorder

Hear a personal insight into living and working with personality disorder.

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Reflective practice: equality, diversity and inclusion

Come along and reflect on issues impacting the social work sector. How can we promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in social work?

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Student activism: the role we play

Join social work students to hear how activism can be achievable for everyone and why we must be anti-oppressive in a profession committed to social justice.

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Anti-racist posters a showcase by Camden Black workers and allies

Tim Fisher talks about how Black colleagues at Camden Council reflected on the Black experience within social services in 2020.

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Meaningful participation

Listen to volunteers with lived experience describe the impact of meaningful participation and their work with SEA (Services for Empowerment and Advocacy).

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Understanding the traveller community in practice

Take part in an interactive workshop about working with traveller families.

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Co-production of people with lived experience and social workers – the past, present and future

Share the journey of an organisation working coproductively with people with lived experience.

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Developing an equality and inclusion strategy: why and how

Find out how East Sussex County Council developed their new equality and inclusion strategy.

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Working with Jewish people and challenging antisemitism – a social worker’s guide

Learn about the history of antisemitism and the impact generational trauma has on the Jewish community.

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Neurodiversity: let's change a culture

Hear 3 personal and inspiring insights about living with autism and finding success.

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Working with LGBTQ+ people

Learn how to challenge prejudices and improve awareness of working with LGBTQ+ people, particularly transgender and non-binary youth.

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