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Guide to the register

What is the register?

Social work is a regulated profession. This means that to be able to practise as a social worker in England, individuals must be registered with Social Work England.

Once registered, all social workers are listed on our public register. The register is a statutory list of individual social workers who practise in England. It provides assurance that the people who practise as social workers in England have the right skills and qualifications and are capable of safe and effective practice.

How to search the register

You can search for a registered social worker using the following information:

  • first name
  • last name
  • Social Work England registration number
  • any combination of the above

If you do not get a result following a search, or the social worker you were expecting to find does not appear, this does necessarily mean that they are not registered.

This could be because the social worker is registered under a slightly different name. For example, someone may be 'William Smith' on the register but use 'Bill Smith' in their practice.

The quickest way to find a social worker on the register is to search using their registration number. If you do not know the social worker's registration number, both the social worker and their employer should be able to give you this.

Please call us on 0808 196 2274 or email [email protected], so we can help you find the individual you are looking for.

Search the register

What information we publish

We publish the following information about social workers:

  • name
  • registration number
  • registration status
  • postal town (of their current employer)
  • conditions on their registration, if any

We also publish outcomes of any fitness to practise investigations on the register. The power to publish information on our register is explained in our rules.

Changes to the register are updated in real time, so information is always up-to-date.

If you are a social worker and you have found an error in your entry on the register, please update your details using your online account.

If you cannot find a social worker on the register, please make sure you have the correct details for them.

A social worker should be able to give you their Social Work England registration number. The social worker’s employer should also be able to give you this information. If you are still unable to find the social worker on our register, please contact us. Please note, we cannot provide any personal details of social workers which are not already publicly available through the register.

If you have any questions about the information we publish or how to use the register, please call us on 0808 196 2274 or email [email protected].

Concerns about social workers 

If you have concerns about a social worker on our register, please let us know.

You can read more raising a concern and when to complain to a social worker’s employer.

Last updated: 28 November 2019

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