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Temporary registration guidance

Temporary registration guidance

Social workers protect millions of people every day. Now, more than ever, they’re offering key support for people, families and communities, and contributing to vital services in response to COVID-19.

Through recent legislation, we've been given powers by the Secretary of State to enact an emergency register. This means that previously registered social workers in England who left the register after 18 March 2018, and who were not removed from the register following a fitness to practise decision, will automatically be placed on a temporary register and can return to practice should they wish to do so. During this time, those with temporary registration will be able to use the protected title of ‘social worker’.

This document provides guidance on Social Work England’s emergency powers, returning to practice as a temporary social worker, our professional standards, employer responsibilities, fitness to practise, and leaving the register after the emergency has ended.

View or download the temporary registration guidance

Last updated: 9 April 2020