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Renewal and temporary registration

An update for people who failed to renew their registration

Renewal and temporary registration

12/17/2020 10:47:08 AM

Throughout this exceptionally challenging year we have all had to respond and adapt with great flexibility to ensure that good social work practice, and our work as a regulator in protecting the public, continues.

For us at Social Work England that has meant being responsive to a fast-moving picture to ensure that social work services can be maintained safely and effectively across a multitude of settings.  

In March, amidst a rapidly changing emergency, we were given powers to bring former social workers back into the profession. The creation of a temporary registration status was done in recognition that some people in our society were more vulnerable than ever when, at the same time, the pandemic might lead to social workers being unable to work. The temporary registration status meant that we could ensure a continuation of support to people during a time of great upheaval as and when local workforce need arose.

While the initial emergency response may be over, we know that the country is still dealing with the continuing challenges of the pandemic. We remain committed to responsive regulation that helps to influence the collective response required to keep people safe. That is why we were pleased that over 93,846 social workers prioritised their renewal, ensuring that they adhere to good standards of practice to support people in their time of need.  

Under the powers given to us by government, temporary registration remains in place for as long as it is required during the pandemic. All those who have not renewed their registration this year will now be given temporary registration status. This applies to a very small number of social workers who failed to renew their registration between September and November 2020.

While we will always listen, respond, and work in partnership to fulfil our duty of public protection, we ask that these social workers do not delay if they wish to continue to practise on a permanent basis. They must restore and record CPD to ensure that people can count on the lifeline of support they provide to communities up and down the country.

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