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Latest news

Latest news, media releases, papers and other publications from Social Work England.

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Latest news from Social Work England


CPD, Blog

Our findings from the 2021 to 2022 CPD review

The assessors share some of their key learning from the most recent CPD review.


CPD, Blog, Reflecting on

Reflecting on Social Work Week 2022 for CPD

Whether you attended a live session, or will be watching a recording, you can record your learning from Social Work Week as CPD.

Light bulbs


Blog, CPD

What CPD means to Bolton Council

In this video, we asked the social care team at Bolton Council what CPD means to them, and how they maintain an open learning culture.

Professional standards for social workers illustration


CPD, Blog

The CPD requirements: what’s changed for 2022?

Following consultation with the sector, the CPD requirements have changed.


CPD, Blog, Reflecting on

Reflecting on supervision

In this blog, regional engagement lead Kate discusses how you can reflect on your supervision for CPD.

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