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Ethics and values

You can tell us about a reflection on your values to evidence that you have met standard 4.8

Ethics and values

You can tell us about a reflection on your values to evidence that you have met standard 4.8

Last updated: 28 August 2020

Your personal values affect your professional judgement and can influence your actions, behaviour and decisions. You apply your ethics and values when making decisions about your practice, so it’s important that you are able to examine those values and assess how they affect your decisions.

It’s also important to respect the ethics and values of others (as long as they don’t pose harm or risk to others), even where they are different to your own. You must not allow these differences to affect your work. Instead, you should use them to challenge yourself and reflect on how they affect your practice.

What you could do

You should identify your ethics and values and understand why they are important to you. Reflect on your ethics and values regularly as they may change because you or things in your life change. Compare your ethics and values to those of others, reflecting on the differences and their impact on your practice.

Challenge ethics and values that negatively affect practice

You should constructively challenge colleagues when you believe their ethics and values are negatively affecting their methods in social work practice. This is to make sure that ethics and values are upheld by all social workers.

Reflect on recent decisions you’ve made

Think about your practice and reflect on the decisions you’ve made. How may your values have influenced the decisions you’ve made and the outcomes?

Record the reflection on your ethics and values on your online account, highlighting any changes you’ve made as a result and detailing the impact it has had on your practice.

Self reflection

How do you reflect on your own ethics and values, and how do they impact on your practice?

This question appears on the structured form, to help you explain how you meet standard 4.8. You could also use it as a starting point for your reflection on the unstructured form, if you wish.

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