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CPD validation

At the end of the registration period, we’ll randomly select 2.5% of social workers for CPD validation. We’ll let you know if you’re selected, but you will not need to provide any additional CPD information.

We’ll review the CPD you’ve already recorded in your online account and check whether it shows how the learning activity has positively changed your practice.

We’ll aim to complete the validation of your CPD in 8 to 12 weeks and will let you know the outcome. There are two possible outcomes:

  • accepted

  • further assessment

When the outcome is ‘accepted’, you do not need to do anything.

When the outcome is ‘further assessment’, we’ll let you know why and what you need to do. This may include giving us additional information about the CPD you’ve done.

If the additional information you give us does not meet our requirements, we may apply a condition on your registration. This is to make sure that you’re able to meet the CPD standard. A condition could be that you need to give us CPD evidence by a set date.

As a last resort, we may choose to remove you from the register using the procedure explained in our rules. We’ll only consider this option if you have not sufficiently explained why you have not met the CPD standard or agreed to a condition relating to meeting the CPD standard.

If you have any questions or need help, please call us on 0808 196 2274 or email [email protected].

Last updated: 21 February 2020

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