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Ted Talk: The Power of Vulnerability

Your CPD should be personal to you and your practice. These examples should not be viewed as best practice.

Ted Talk: The Power of Vulnerability

Example of CPD recorded by a registered social worker

Title of CPD

Brene Brown - The Power of Vulnerability - Ted Talk

Date CPD completed


What was your role in this example?

Social Worker/ Practice

What did you do?

Watched a TED Talk about the importance of being vulnerable.

Thinking about this example, what would you do differently and how did this learning activity impact on your practice?

I found this Ted Talk really helpful because I found myself being defensive when receiving feedback and feeling inadequate when being given feedback. I felt like I was supposed to "know" everything and struggled to accept that particularly in practice education and in my role as an advisor it's important to acknowledge areas when I am not as confident or as knowledgeable. 

Having watched the Ted talk about the power and importance and vulnerability I recognise that it is important for me to realise my limitations and areas for development. I discussed with my supervisor about these reflections and we agreed upon a plan where we would map out my learning needs and then I would undertake specific training and learning opportunities to meet these needs.

I have had the opportunity to practice this vulnerability within workshops I have taught where I ask the group to answer questions to which I do not have the answers. I also express this honesty when I do not know things and take steps to find the answers and then feed this back to the group. It's important to do this for several reasons- firstly to ensure that people I am training or supervising see that it's important to be truthful about not knowing things and secondly that CPD is a lifelong process, finally, it is also important that I am not giving out incorrect information as this can impact on the workers and they in turn impart incorrect information to service users, carers and families.


The views and opinions expressed are those of the social worker. We have not edited the content in this CPD record. It should not be viewed as best practice. Instead, it illustrates one of the activities which you could record as CPD to help you learn, improve and reflect on your practice. 

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