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Information for students

Information and advice for registered social workers, education and training providers, employers, students and people with temporary registration. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information and advice

Last updated 16 April 2020 6.01pm

Information for students

The contribution of social work students to local services and response efforts during the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency is recognised and valued by the sector. 

 We understand that as a student social worker, you may be feeling anxious about COVID-19 and wondering how it affects your studies.

Social workers play an important role in continuing to provide vital support to people, families and communities, as well as responding to new needs emerging from the pandemic. We know that some of you might be eager to continue your studies, and to graduate on time, so you can support social work services during this difficult time.   

How we’re working with education providers

As you know, this is a fast-developing situation and that’s why our approach to regulation is designed to be as flexible as possible. 

We’re working closely with education providers to remove barriers and facilitate adjustments to courses where necessary, so providers can manage their own response to COVID-19 based on their local arrangements. 

Providers are working hard to find new and creative ways to facilitate the completion of placements days and delivering teaching and learning so that, wherever possible, you can graduate on time or progress within your course. You should discuss what specific arrangements have been put in place in relation to progression and/or graduation with your course provider. 

We support the move by a number of education providers to reassure students that their final or year-end marks will not be negatively affected by the alternative modes of assessments that are being introduced during the current crisis. 

We will not look to hinder providers’ efforts to ensure that students who are ready to graduate and apply to join the register can do so, as long as the provider is satisfied that our education and training standards are met, and that students who successfully graduate can meet our professional standards.  

How you can support COVID-19 responses

We know that many students want to support local services. We are not registering students as part of the emergency registration efforts at this time, but we will continue to discuss this with our partners over the coming weeks. 

However, there may be opportunities to support services in local COVID-19 responses through volunteer roles or roles which do not require social work registration. You may also want to speak to your course provider to discuss how you can be appropriately supported if you want to volunteer. Should this be accommodated, your course provider will also be able to consider if the work you’re doing can be considered as part of your placement.  

Where to find information 

While we regularly provide COVID-19 updates and guidance on our website, the best place for you to find information is your university or college.

You may also find the following sources of information useful: 

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