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Information for employers

COVID-19 information for employers. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information and advice

Last updated: 23 May 2022

Information for employers

Employers should take all necessary steps to make sure staff are suitably equipped and have the right information to minimise the risk of transmission based on government guidelines.

If you know or suspect that an employee is infected, or you have an employee with a pre-existing health condition that place them at increased risk of infection, they should follow the current public health advice.

GOV.UK: Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for employees, employers and businesses

Acas: Coronavirus: advice for employers and employees

Prioritising fitness to practise matters

During the acute stage of the pandemic response we took the decision to delay investigating lower risk fitness to practise cases, so the workforce could concentrate on responding. While we continue to be aware of the pressures that the sector is currently facing, we also recognise the importance of ensuring the timely progression of fitness to practise cases for the people involved and for employers.

We previously asked employers to only refer fitness to practise concerns involving high risk situations, but now you can refer concerns to us as normal. For more information, read our guidance on fitness to practise referrals.

COVID-19 information relating to fitness to practise

Temporary registration - coronavirus

If your employee failed to renew their registration, they must apply to restore their registration as soon as possible.

However, under the powers given to us by government, temporary registration remains in place for as long as it is required during the pandemic.

Your employee can continue to practise with a registration status of 'temporary registration - coronavirus' whilst we process their application to restore.

Temporary registration will only remain in place until we are advised that the emergency is over from the Secretary of State. Once this happens, all temporary registrations will end 14 days after the date we are notified. We are not able to advise when the temporary register will close.

Please note that social workers with a temporary registration status do not have the same rights as those with a full registration status. Social workers with temporary registration can be removed from the register at any time. If a concern is raised about them that meets our triage test whilst they have temporary registration, they will automatically be removed without an investigation.

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