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Other ways to raise a concern

If you can't use the online form to raise a concern

The quickest and easiest way for most people to raise a concern with us is by using our online form.

If you are unable to complete the online form, you can raise a concern over the phone or using a paper form.

You can request a paper form by emailing us on [email protected]

You can also call us on 0808 196 2274 if you need help.

If you cannot use the paper form

If for some reason you cannot use the paper form, you can submit a concern without using a form. You'll need to give us following information in an email, a letter or over the phone:

  • information about you

  • the social worker’s full name and registration number, if you know it

All social workers must be registered with us to be allowed to practise. When a social worker registers with us we give them a registration number and list them on our online register.

  • the address where the social worker works

  • a detailed description of your concern, including relevant dates

  • any documentation you have gathered to support your concern

  • details of any action you have already taken

  • details of anyone else who can support your concern

Our address and contact details 

[email protected]

Social Work England, 1 North Bank, Blonk Street, Sheffield, S3 8JY.

If you are raising a concern via post, you may want to consider sending it as Recorded Delivery or Signed for Delivery.

Phone number 
0808 196 2274

If you need help to raise a concern

You can use an advocate to raise a concern. An advocate could be a relative, a friend or someone who helps you manage day-to-day.

Advocates can help you complete the form and communicate with us, including speaking on your behalf. We will always ask you to agree that you are happy for this person to advocate on your behalf.

You can also call us on 0808 196 2274 if you have any questions or need help to raise a concern about a social worker. 

Accessibility adjustments

We want to make sure that our fitness to practise processes are accessible for everyone.

Please let us know if you would like:

  • help to tell us about your concerns

  • any information in another format

  • an adjustment because of disability or injury

You can call us on 0808 196 2274 or email [email protected] to tell us about what you need.

After you've raised a concern 

You can read more about what happens after you've raised a concern about a social worker.


Last updated: 28 November 2019