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Review stage

A guide intended to help answer questions about the fitness to practise process and what to expect.

How reviews work

Last updated: 27 January 2021

A review will usually be arranged by the hearings team shortly before a conditions or suspension order is due to expire.

The purpose of the review is to decide whether the concerns which led to the conditions or suspension order have been addressed.

You will be told if your order has ended following your review. This means that you can return to unrestricted practice.

You may want to update people who have been involved in your remediation at this stage.

If it is decided at a review that you are still not fit to practise without restriction, the existing order may be extended or replaced.

If your interim suspension or condition order has ended, but an investigation is ongoing, you should continue to engage with your investigator. 

After your review, we will likely ask you for some feedback on the process. We would be grateful if you would tell us about your experience and share any feedback, so we can improve our processes.

Early reviews

If you breach your conditions or suspension order, you should inform your case review officer as soon as possible so the right action can be taken. This may result in an early review of your order and increased sanctions.

Let us know as soon as possible if you think you may be at risk of breaching your conditions or suspension order so we can help. We may also do an early review if there is evidence of a new concern.

In certain cases, you may be able to request an early review of the conditions or suspension order if circumstances have changed since the order was put in place.


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