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Investigations stage

A guide intended to help answer questions about the fitness to practise process and what to expect.

If your fitness to practise is investigated

Last updated: 27 January 2021

If we decide to investigate a concern, we will tell you within 7 working days using your preferred method of contact. We will share the information we have received and explain the reasons why we need to investigate further.

When we contact you to tell you about the investigation, we will ask you for details of your current employment situation. Please make sure you provide this information within seven working days.

If the concern raised against you is related to ill-health, we may ask you for details of your GP and for your consent to seek medical records or undergo a medical assessment.

In additional to providing the information requested, you’re also entitled and encouraged to send any further information that you think is helpful at this stage.

Once the investigation has started we’ll be in regular contact to keep you updated. 

Who we will tell about the investigation

We will tell your employer about the investigation and keep them updated with our progress. They will also be told the outcome of the investigation.

If the concern raised against you is related to ill-health, we will not share the details with your employer unless they brought the concerns to our attention initially.

We will not publish any information about a fitness to practise investigation, to the website or anywhere else, at this stage unless an interim order is needed. You can read more about interim orders.

If you are a member of a professional body or trade union, we recommend that you contact them as soon as possible after we tell you that you are the subject of a fitness to practise investigation. It is likely that your professional organisation will be familiar with our fitness to practise procedures and can provide the support you need.

You can read more about what fitness to practise information we publish in our fitness to practise publications policy


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