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 Information about attending a hearing, our panels and adjudicators, hearing outcomes and reviews.

Before a hearing

For information about what happens when a case is referred to the hearings team.

Attending a hearing

For information about hearing locations and times, how to attend and what happens at a hearing.


For information about how adjudicators make decisions about a social worker's fitness to practise.

Hearing outcomes

For information about possible hearing outcomes related to proven concerns about a social worker’s fitness to practise.

Upcoming hearings and decisions

Upcoming hearings and decisions made by our adjudicators.

Information for social workers

The hearing is a chance for you, or your representative, to challenge the allegations made against you and to tell your side of the story.

Information for witnesses

This page is for anyone giving evidence at a fitness to practise hearing. You may be giving evidence for us, or in support of the social worker's defence.

Information for representatives

This page is for any representative for a social worker at a fitness to practise hearing. You may also find this helpful if you are a social worker representing yourself.

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