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Conditions of practice

Conditions of practice orders

The main purpose of conditions of practice orders is to protect the public while the social worker takes any necessary steps to remediate their fitness to practise.

Remediation is the process of remedying the concerns that were identified.

To fully achieve this, social workers need to demonstrate that they understand:

  • the risk they posed to people and to the reputation of the social work profession

  • the actions they need to take to ensure those concerns do not arise again in the future

Conditions of practice orders do not stop social workers from working. The orders must be proportionate, practical and monitored to ensure compliance.

Conditions may include minimum remediation steps that the social worker must take to regain fitness to practise, such as completing relevant education or training.

Conditions can be imposed for a period of up to three years at a time and the order must be reviewed before it expires. 

Conditions of practice orders are published on our website and online register. 

You can read more about reviews of conditions of practice orders


Last updated: 28 November 2019

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