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Hearings and decisions

Upcoming hearings and decisions made by our adjudicators

This page lists decisions made by our adjudicators. If you are looking for a decision that was made before December 2019 (by the previous regulator, HCPC) you can search for the social worker's registration details. Please note, some hearing outcomes may not be available online due to them falling outside of our own and/or the HCPC's publication policy. Please email us for further information.

Helen Workman

Registration number



Whilst registered as a social worker and working at Oxfordshire County Council, you;

1. On or around 7 June 2017, sent a supervision record which contained confidential service user information to:
a. Colleague A
b. A third party

2. In or around May 2017, took a notebook containing private and sensitive information, belonging to Colleague B, without permission.

3. On or around 9th June 2017, asked Colleague A to provide a statement confirming an interaction between Colleague C and yourself, despite you being aware that Colleague A had not witnessed this incident.

4. Your actions at paragraphs 2 and/or 3 were dishonest.

5. The matters set out at paragraph 1 – 3 constitute misconduct.

6. By reason of your misconduct your fitness to practise is impaired.

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